Still Wilson's origin story begins - more or less - with a kid in southwestern Montana, the FM dial and a cheap borrowed guitar. All of this in place long before a working musician's grind; one which ultimately forged a highly respected, award-winning songwriter, vocalist and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist. Thousands of gigs in to his artistic career now, he continues to honor an ever-present spark of fascination with "guitars, song-craft and sound", stoking the original flame while delivering new recordings released on his own CUTS Music Group label.

Concerning himself with a certain aesthetic that is "inextricably tangled with a myriad of inspirations", Wilson is, by inclination, very resistant to pigeonholing his song-craft. Both his guitar playing and songwriting are equally informed by more than a passing familiarity with the cross-pollination of folk and rock, jazz, country and the melancholy hue of his Celtic roots. Then add the vivid lyricism and a command of his honeyed baritone voice to the mix. The combined result: a multifaceted artist balancing the tightly bottled energy of his guitar expertise with the nuanced warmth of a sincere storyteller. 


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We all hear our own stories in the music we love. We also share a common struggle

with the big questions and doubts. There's a joy and a melancholy churning

in the flow of it all which can't, and shouldn't, be ignored. 

Due to Covid-19, all performances and tour dates are on hold until further notice. Wilson will return to his steady performance schedule and residencies as soon as possible


Photo Credit: Paul Safford

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